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Established in Tamshui in 1972, collaborated with the Japanese Fujimura company, introduced the latest precision electronic needle-hole inspection machine at that time, breaking through the technology of condom needle-hole inspection, with an inspection accuracy rate reaching 100%. Officially mass-produced in 1973, mainly supplying condoms to third world countries such as India and Africa through the WHO (World Health Organization) and the Red Cross. Later, due to Taiwan's non-membership in the United Nations, which also affected WHO's membership status, it could no longer continue to supply to third world countries. To enhance international recognition, self-created international brands like FULEX, ZERO-0, and Fujiluoshi, sequentially marketed on all five continents worldwide, including Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, the Middle East, and Central and South America. FULEX and FUJICONDOM were among the few Taiwanese self-created international brands that were marketed in China. Starting from 1981, to comply with government family planning, long-term supply of family planning condoms to various health bureaus in all counties and cities in Taiwan, and training of family planning personnel, promoting condom health education. For over twenty years, Taiwan's family planning has achieved outstanding results. In order to enhance production efficiency, the latest fully automatic condom hanging machine with precision electronic needle-hole inspection was introduced, significantly reducing labor costs and improving efficiency.

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Our company was established with the aim of pursuing a healthy life and benefiting society; we strongly support government diplomatic work. In 1992 and 2004 respectively, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we donated condoms to friendly nations Ukraine and Liberia to help strengthen their countries. In addition, we care about domestic efforts to prevent AIDS, and strongly support and assist the government, civil society, academic, and charitable organizations in various prevention and control efforts such as advocacy and prevention.

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Since June 2005, the Department of Health has implemented the inspection registration system for medical devices. Since 2003, our company has been applying for the Department of Health inspection registration one after another, completing a total of more than 30 item permit numbers. Over the years, the Consumer Foundation has repeatedly sampled products in the market, being praised as excellent. In recent years, the function of condoms is not only contraception but also to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. With the increasing number of infection cases and the sudden rise in domestic sexual assault crime rates, various levels of school education reform concepts are being overturned, with the initiation of a mechanism for gender equality education. Keeping the mission of the times in mind, our company deeply recognizes that only comprehensive and direct teaching can be implemented and paid attention to, providing the academic world and schools with professional information and teaching materials to study the correct health curriculum.


Guided by the New Taipei City Government, certified as a tourist factory through evaluation by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

This tourist factory, under the premise of tourism, can provide the public with the most direct platform, open to people of different levels and ages for visiting, allowing the people to obtain rich, complete, and accurate information on condoms.

Product Features
Product Attributes


Exporting to multiple countries, meeting market demands, catering to both Eastern and Western sizes. Designed ergonomically to fit the human body, with a precise tactile sensation.

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Smooth, transparent thin wings for a comfortable and gentle fit

0222 icon_ring.png


Skin-like texture for a natural and close feel

0222 icon_particles.png


Floating point romance doubles the fun

0222 icon_three effects in one.png

Three effects in one

Ring particles

0222 icon_dot ring.png

Dot and Ring

Interwoven spiral granules Infinite interest, reaching the peak

Face mask

Taiwan Fuji has always adhered to the concept of pursuing innovation, quality control, and peace of mind and hygiene, dedicated to producing high-quality medical masks, and ensuring that the products comply with CNS 14774 national testing standards, making Taiwan-manufactured masks the trusted choice.

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Independent packaging double protection

Skin-friendly compound fiber
Soft and non-irritating

Each mask is individually packaged, which not only provides users with double protection, but also ensures heart health.

Made with skin-friendly composite fibers to ensure the mask material is soft, reducing skin irritation.

0222 icon_flexible copy.png

High elastic earband Comfortable and non-tight

Specially designed high elastic ear straps make mask wearing more comfortable, without causing tightness.

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Made in Taiwan, safe to use

We are proud to be made in Taiwan, ensuring the safety of the materials so that users can use it with confidence.

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Condom Series

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Popular Products
Zero-O condoms 12pcs

Medical grade mask series

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Popular Products
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Popular Products
Medical Flat Adult Face Mask 50pcs
Quality assurance

Quality Guarantee

Quality Control Process

From the outside, it is difficult to understand the complexity and technology of the actual production process of sanitary condoms. Our products must be strictly screened from the beginning of latex feeding. The quality of latex is an important factor in determining the quality of the final product. After the latex is purified and extracted by a centrifugal separator, it is mixed with chemical additives and ripened for a period of time before being sent to the impregnation tank for molding and impregnation. After forming, drying, and rolling up the mouth roll, the mold is removed. At this stage, the sanitary cover has been roughly completed, but it cannot be directly lubricated. In order to enhance the toughness of the sanitary cover, it must also undergo vulcanization. After vulcanization, the highlight of the sanitary cover inspection is the 100% digital pinhole test. Each sanitary cover must be inspected by precision instruments. No pinhole products are allowed to flow out of the market. Only qualified products will be oiled and packaged. Each of the above processes requires different inspections and strict checks. If there is any unqualified condition, the product produced by the manufacturing process will be discarded. There is no compromise in quality control. This is the consistent principle and position of our company since its establishment.

Complete shipment inspection

After the product is finished packaging and before leaving the factory, our factory still needs to conduct sampling inspections according to the standards of international ISO and CNS. The current inspection items include: dimensions (length, width), bursting capacity and pressure before and after aging, pinholes, visible defects, packaging integrity, etc.


This laboratory was established in accordance with the national standard CNS 6629 of the Republic of China and the international standard ISO 4074 ,targeting the requirements and testing methods for natural latex condoms. The testing equipment and instruments used are the most advanced, accurate, rapid and trustworthy.



Acceptable standards:

13 samples with length ≥ 160 mm (excluding nipple area) and declared width. If condom thickness is specified, measure the average thickness at three points:

  • Starting from the open end 30±5 mm, starting from the closed end 30±5 mm, and the final point of the open end and closed end.

Explosion test


Burst volume and pressure measurement: Filled with air, the condom is tested for volume and pressure values at the moment it breaks, to ensure the integrity and strength of the condom. Each batch of products is recorded by computer. Passing values (before and after aging): Taking a condom with a width of 50mm~56mm as an example, the volume should be ≥18 liters, and the pressure should be ≥1.0 kPa.

Aging machine


Aging test: Put the condom into the oven, accelerate aging at high temperature, after a period of time take out the sample from the oven, then test the bursting volume and pressure after aging

  • Batch testing is required to be placed for 168 hours (7 days) The temperature inside the oven is 70±2°C This machine is also used for stability and shelf life testing.

Automatic water filling machine


Water leakage test: This is another method for detecting pinholes in condoms. The machine injects 300±10ml of water, hangs the condom, if there is no leakage, then remove the clamp, place it on absorbent paper, spread the fingers evenly, apply pressure and roll, observe if the absorbent paper shows any signs of condom leakage.

Tensile testing machine


Test for breaking strength and elongation rate of samples: Cut a piece of sample from the condom (a ring with a width of 20mm), stretch it until it breaks, test its breaking strength and elongation rate (%), this is an early inspection requirement of CNS and ISO, later replaced by a burst test. This instrument is currently only suitable for inspecting condoms claimed to have 'special strength'.

Finished product sampling


Needle Hole Inspection:

Each condom in our factory undergoes needle hole inspection, but before leaving the factory, samples must be extracted from the finished product again, using our needle hole inspection machine for sampling inspection. The inspection instrument automatically stores and calculates the test results on the computer, quickly and accurately.

  • Injection water volume: 300±10 ml

  • Immersion tank time: 10 seconds

  • Number of tests per session: 10

  • Leakage standard: Voltage ≥ 50mV is considered unqualified

Team Introduction

Our Team



Jeff Wang

Jeff Wang

The most complex problem

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Deputy General Manager of Administration-Lan Ruiqi1.png

Ricky Lan

Vice President

Vice President of Marketing and Factory Director-Bai Hongren1-e1702612522538.png

Jacky Pei

Plant Manager & Marketing V.P.

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Andy Tsai

Sales Manager

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